NAE:UM Restaurant
Don’t hesitate to go “nom nom” at NAEːUM
— Expat Choice 9 Sep 2021

Naeum: a modern Korean restaurant inspired by memories
An ode to remembrance, where his personal journey is worked into the menu and space
— TimeOut 2 Aug 2021

Nae:um promises a whole new meaning to Seoul (Soul) food
This is chef Louis Han’s contribution to Singapore’s surprisingly small contemporary Korean cuisine scene
— Lifestyle Asia 22 Jul 2021

Chef Louis Han opens NAEːUM Restaurant
If there is one thing you should know about the newly opened NAEːUM Restaurant (“NAEːUM”), it is that its modern-Seoul cuisine is first-rate
— Bibikgourmand 11 Jul 2021

NAE:UM serves contemporary Seoul cuisine
Chef Louis Han returns to F&B scene as founder of modern Korean restaurant NAE:UM
— Tatler Singapore 23 June 2021
New Venture with NAE:UM
Chef Louis Han, ex-chef of Kimme starts a new venture with NAE:UM
— The Peak 21 June 2021
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